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Episode 34 - Doug Fluckiger - Advance your idea

March 30, 2015

advance your idea doug fluckigerHelp advance your idea

With today's episode, I have brought on Doug Fluckiger from Silver Creek Studio. Doug happens to be my outsourced graphic designer, but I didn't have him on to talk about us. I brought Doug on today to talk about how to find a graphic designer. With some great tidbits, Doug talks about finding someone who will not just do the graphics and be done, but will help you advance your idea.

When you are outsourcing anything, you want someone who will be a partner on the project not just a "yes" man/woman. You want someone to ask questions about how the system is being constructed, or why do this instead of that. Doug isn't just a graphic designer — he's an idea man.

As with choosing any outsourcing personal, look at things like feedback, ratings, and the portfolio. Doug happens to have a 4.92 rating with over 1000 job hours logged on oDesk so it was pretty easy for me to want to use his services when he bid on the project.

I have to apologize in advance, we had to use a conference call system to have the interview, so it's not as sharp as previous episodes.

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Links Mentioned During the Show:
Silver Creek Studio - Doug's company
Doug's oDesk Profile - you have to log into oDesk to see it.