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Episode 19 - Pia Silva - Emotional Connections

November 9, 2014
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Create an emotional connection between your customer and your company.
Today Pia Silva joins us to discuss branding for your company.  Branding is the one thing that will leave your mark on your customers.
We discuss a few of Pia's favorite websites and how they brand to position themselves.  Branding is the very start of your marketing efforts.  Once you've established your brand your products will be associated with them, allowing people to understand where they come from.  People remember companies easier when their brand is something that resonates with them (that emotional connection).  
Think about a few brands you like.  How do they pull on your heart strings?  Is it a sports company reminding you how competitive you are?  Is it a cleaning product that you can relate to when desiring a clean safe environment?
Branding allows you to take a deep dive into customers hearts.  Make it count!
Links Mentioned During the Show:
Worst of All Design - Pia's company.
Nasty Girl clothing - as discussed on the episode

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