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Episode 25 - Michael Sorrentio - eyePatch case

January 5, 2015

gearhart law-episode google+A secret Appitalizer 

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back to the Appitalize Podcast. Today I have on my friend Mike Sorrentino. Mike is a secret Appitalizer. By this I mean, he followed all the ways to Appitalize on his idea without even knowing it. Mike is the inventor of the eyePatch case, a physical case for your mobile device with a slider to cover the camera.

Mike came up with the idea while listening to the radio one night. He got a patent, and then outsourced the design and manufacturing and is in the works to outsource the sale and storage of the case. Can you be more of an Appitalizer?! 

Links Mentioned During the Show: 
Headfunder - Crowdfunding platform Mike used 
How Alibaba Works - making 280 pairs of pants

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