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Episode 26 - Micah Baldwin - Light Your Money On Fire!

January 10, 2015

money fire micah baldwinLight Your Money on Fire! 

I'm so excited to bring on my mentor, Micah Baldwin on today's episode of Appitalize On Your Idea podcast.

I wanted to bring Micah on to discuss something I have been asked a lot about. "How do I raise money for my company?" As someone who has only bootstrapped my ideas, I have never been able to give the right advice about it. Micah, who is a multi-successful entrepreneur who has raised money on many occasions.

Micah talks about the things investors look for. This includes understanding the market, making sure the team is smart and operate inside the market. The last item is the product. Note how the product is the last thing an investor looks at. Knowing and understanding the market and the team are more important for investors.

My thanks to Micah for taking the time to talk about this topic. 

Links Mentioned During the Show: 
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