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Episode 29 - Jeet Banerjee - Serial Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

January 26, 2015

annie scranton public relationsThe 22 year old Serial Entrepreneur 

Today I bring on Jeet Banerjee. Jeet, at 22 years old, has started multiple successful business, wrote a book, and has even spoke at TEDx! It amazes me how Jeet even has time to sleep! Jeet and I discuss how he gets through his days.

Jeet talks about prioritizing your tasks. Figure out your day. What important things MUST get done first? Then he delves into something I think a lot of struggle with - figuring out your strengths and weaknesses. It's ok to be weak at something - but the goal would be to figure out how to find someone to fill in those weaknesses. I usually outsource, but Jeet doesn't always do that. Sometimes he actually hires someone temporarily.

Jeet has some great experience even at his young age. I'm super glad to have had him on the podcast.

Links Mentioned During the Show: Jeet's Home Page

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