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Episode 36 - Tony Ubertaccio - Give Value Up Front.

May 31, 2015
tony ubertaccio value
Be a part of the process and give value up front.
Welcome back Appitalizers.  Now that the ACEs Conference is over, I'm back to bring you some great content and podcast episodes.  We kick off the return with my good friend Tony Ubertaccio.
Tony is a business strategist and consultant.  He helps businesses by figuring out how to add value to the business.  This could be anything from showing them how to capture emails, to social media strategy to brand positioning.  Tony's goal is to help you as a business owner and entrepreneur keep your company fun and easy.  He specifically targets people who love what they do.  If you don't love what you do, you are in the wrong line of business.  
I like Tony's story because he talks about how he took his skills as a salesperson and was able to convert that into selling his knowledge.  Tony read a lot of business books, and finally when the opportunity arose to use that knowledge he inadvertently sold himself on his first client.
Tony talks about how companies need to share their story - and I believe this episode is a great way for Tony to share his story.  You can see just how Tony add's value to his clients.
Listen all the way to end as Tony gives away some goodies to the Appitalize listeners. Tony's Giveaway
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