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Episode 35 - Ryan Cash - Alto’s Adventure

April 5, 2015

alto's adventure ryan cashAlto's Adventure
Today we have Ryan Cash from Snowman software on the podcast. Ryan and his team built an amazing game for iOS called Alto's Adventure. Ryan and I discuss how the game came to fruition, and the marketing strategy. I know a lot of you have been asking about how to go about building a game, so here's the episode for you!

As in previous episodes, we discussed treating the app like a movie — releasing tidbits of the game in teasers and trailers, and then showing some behind the scenes such as how the game was built. Ryan learned how to build his audience using this method. Having posted a few things on the website, he was able to build up the anticipation for the game, much like a producer would for a big Hollywood blockbuster.

My thanks to Ryan and the entire team at Snowman for releasing Alto's Adventure. Go play it today!

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Links Mentioned During the Show:
Snowman - Ryan's company
Alto's Adventure - game site. Check out the easter egg with the bird flying around.
Ryan's personal home page
Ryan's Twitter page