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Season 2 Episode 3 - Randy Krum

June 6, 2016
randy krum - infographics
Visualize the Spoon

Happy Tuesday everyone, and welcome to another episode of Appitalize On Your Idea: The Podcast. Today we have Randy Krum, author of Cool Infographics and owner of InfoNewt, a company dedicated to data visualization and infographics.  
Randy and I discuss the reason for using infographics.  So many times an infographic is incorrectly listed, as many just thing if it has pictures it's an infographic.  On Randy's blog Cool Infographics, he posts about different types of graphics that are the right kind. 

So why use an infographic to tell your story?  You know the phrase "A picture tells a 1000 words"?  Imagine telling 1,000,000,000 words with just some simple graphics.  Now there is a caveat (when isn't there one?).  The story must be 1 cohesive story articulating 1 particular set of data.

But don't just take my word for it.  Listen to todays interview with Randy Krum.
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Links Mentioned During the Show:
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