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Season 2 Episode 4 - Amy McKnight - Empower your Customers

June 14, 2016
amy mcknight empower your customers
Empower your Customers

Hey Hey everyone!  It's time for another great episode of the Appitalize On Your Idea podcast.  Today we have Mac Spa owner Amy McKnight on.  Amy was an attendee of the 2015 ACEs Conference who then turned into a speaker for the 2016 conference.  Amy has a great angle on empowering customers.  Many of us would believe that teaching a customer how to do something would eliminate the need for us, but not with Amy.  She believes (and rightfully so) that if you empower your customer the return is 100 fold.  Not only will that customer keep coming back, but they will more than likely spread the word about you and bring you new customers. 

So many of us believe that we need to sell hard to get the sale done.  "Get the product into the customers hands", as it were.  But honestly that's the wrong philosophy.  

Listen to Amy discuss passive income for her active job, and also about empowering your customers.  

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